The OneChoice Report and OneChoice Plus are intended to be used in conjunction.

The OneChoice Report is the provider's inital source of information regarding the recommendations. But space on the page is limited, so expansive and interactive information and tools are available online via OneChoice PLUS.

Accessing OneChoice Plus is easy since each report includes a QR code link that will take clinicians directly to an online, interactive version of the report in their hands. OneChoice Plus allows clinicians to add or modify variables, like renal and hepatic function, allergies and pregnancy information, as well as accessing drug information, the MedsMatrix, literature references and NIH statistical data. The OneChoice Plus also has information pertaining to which resistance genes were tested for in a given sample, as well as information as to why an antibiotic may be precluded from use.

By using OneChoice Plus providers are able to make more informed decisions and get a broader understanding of the OneChoice recommendations.